Custom wood stocks for air rifes, in Italian Custom wood stocks for air rifles, in English

Today we have to announce that we are no longer able to take your orders for Ginb. Unfortunately, this is due to the fact that we have to close our business. We bring this announcement with great regret, but the current conditions require us to do so. We confirm that all customers who have an order with us need not worry, because we are going to complete all orders that have already been confirmed. We thank all those who have followed and supported us in this great, amazing adventure.

Andrea and Antonio Gentilini


I’ve been living in the Far East for over twenty years. During this time my job has been strictly related to wood and its kinds. However my big passion of collecting and manufacturing air carbines dates even longer; the production of unique stocks for my private collection has been a natural consequence.


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GinB creates fine custom wood stocks for air guns and air rifles. Our work is done by hand and features fine and exotic woods. We offer a variety of options for airguns and air rifles, allowing you to customize the appearance and handling of your airgun or air rifle. View our catalog of wood stocks for airguns and order customization to suit your needs.